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Landry's - Houston

Opportunity for Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Arts students.

Compensation and hours will vary, contact career services!


  • Pastry prep with involvement in areas such as sugar cookie decorating, ice cream making, bread baking, dessert making, and pastry/cookie making.

  • Mixing dough

  • Operate and maintain clean equipment

  • Work well with others in an intense environment

  • Prep and maintain a hot line station in our busy restaurant.

  • Communicate professionally and courteously to FOH and peers.

  • Ability to learn new styles and techniques in a fast-paced environment.

  • Work a flexible schedule which may sometimes require shift changes.

  • Support the operation and its needs.

  • Set up the station by obtaining all equipment and materials needed.

  • Prepare all mise en place needed for station.

  • Prepare station for service.

  • Prepare and plate all items received from the computer system in a timely and accurate manner and communicate with cooks regarding timing.

  • Ensure a neat, clean, and organized work area.

  • Properly break down the station by storing foods properly and carefully after labeling them.

  • Turn off all equipment ensuring no safety hazard has been left behind.

  • Complete requisitions when needed.


  • Professional appearance and attitude

  • Experience working with a sense of urgency to complete tasks, communicating with leadership, attention to detail, ability to maintain a clean work environment, and knowledge of traditional pastry and baking techniques.

Opportunity for permanent job placement dependent of the intern’s performance.

Please note that if you are considering this internship opportunity, you have to contact career services with your resume ready!

Jocelyn Tobar

Mike Martinez

Please send your resume to to be matched.


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