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International Study Tour Presentation - July 2023

On Thursday, July 7th, 2023, Culinary Institute LENOTRE (CIL) was abuzz with excitement as Chef Jesus Rosa, a distinguished alumnus, visited campus. As a renowned chef and successful entrepreneur, Chef Rosa's visit was highly anticipated by both faculty and students alike. The event also served as an opportunity for two talented CIL students, Rosa N Contreras and Erica Cedillo, who had recently participated in a study tour in Mexico, with Chef Rosa, to showcase their culinary prowess and present their delectable desserts inspired by their experiences on the trip.

Rosa N Contreras and Erica Cedillo, two Baking & Pastry students, embarked on a study tour to Mexico from June 3rd, 2023, to June 9th, 2023. This immersive experience allowed them to delve into the rich culinary heritage and vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine. During their visit, they had the privilege of meeting and learning from none other than Chef Jesus Rosa himself.

Rosa N Contreras amazed the audience with her Tres Leches Cake, a classic Mexican dessert with a twist. Combining traditional techniques with her own personal touch, she incorporated a tropical mango compote.

Erica Cedillo astounded everyone with her creation, a Mezcal Lime Cake with Guava Filling. Drawing inspiration from the diverse flavors they encountered during their study tour in Mexico, Erica crafted a cake that truly captured the essence of the culinary journey.

Chef Jesus Rosa's visit to the Culinary Institute of America was a testament to the strong bond between the esteemed institution and its successful alumni. The study tour to Mexico proved to be an invaluable experience for Rosa N Contreras and Erica Cedillo, inspiring them to create exceptional desserts that showcased their newfound knowledge and skills. This event served as a reminder of the transformative power of culinary exploration and the impact it has on shaping aspiring chefs into true culinary artists.


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