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Chef Rubber Seminar- Feb 2023

The Culinary Institute Lenotre recently had the privilege of hosting a visit from Chef Rubber, a well-known figure in the culinary industry. Chef Paul spoke with students about his experiences in the industry and how he got his start as a chef. The visit was an incredible opportunity for students to learn from a seasoned professional and gain valuable insights into the world of culinary arts.

One of the main themes of Chef Rubber's talk was the importance of hard work. He emphasized that success in the culinary industry is not just about natural talent or passion, but also about dedication and perseverance. Chef Rubber shared stories of his own struggles and challenges as a young chef, and how he had to work tirelessly to achieve his goals. His message was clear: success comes to those who are willing to put in the effort and work hard.

Overall, the visit from Chef Rubber was an incredible learning opportunity for students at the Culinary Institute Lenotre. They gained valuable insights into the industry and were inspired by Chef Rubber's dedication and hard work. The visit was a reminder that success in any field, but particularly in the culinary arts, requires a combination of talent, passion, and hard work. The students left the event feeling motivated and ready to tackle their own culinary dreams, knowing that with the right attitude and work ethic, anything is possible.


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