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4th Vergers Boiron Competition 2023

The vergers Boiron yearly competition is a partnership between Culinary Institute Lenotre and Les Vergers Boiron America.


This old adage is a timeless source of inspiration for chefs in their exploration of flavor pairings and dish creation, allowing them to discover the terroir - or the origin story of an ingredient

The competition is open to all CIL Baking and Pastry active students Level 3, 4 and 5 and CIL Baking and Pastry alumni. 

Congratulations Finalists

Finalists Include:

Larissa Torres, Raspberry & Lemon on Pistachio    

Arnaud, The Citrus Champagne Chocolate Sphere

Marelou Barton, Deconstructed Halo-Halo Dessert 

Zoey Guerrero, Lemon Lychee & Coconut Mousse Cake

Estephanie Munoz , Blooming Bliss

Noe Alonso Brizuela, Spring Sunset

Darragh Smith, Rice Pudding Arancini

Giovanna Vega, Pêche noix de coco

Explore the Purée

Important Dates

  • April 25th: First-day competition (no live/no public)

  • April 26th: Live Competition with judges from the Les Vergers Boiron or Professional partner with Culinary Institute Lenotre from 9 am-12 pm

  • April 26th:  between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm: Winner announced.

Rules and Regulations

The General Rules and Regulations for the 4th Vergers Boiron Competition 2023 are available for download here.

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