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March 2022 Newsletter

Dear CIL Students,


It gives me great pleasure to announce that because of your engagement and contributions towards our efforts to protect ourselves and our families from the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are now able to continue to adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mask-wearing guidelines. This means that our students, faculty, and staff will have an option in wearing masks. However, the CDC does stipulate that in enclosed/non-ventilated rooms with restrictions to social distancing, masks should be worn. Thus, the Culinary Institute Lenotre (CIL), will be asking students, instructors, and staff to adhere to this guideline in our Academic classrooms and conference rooms. In all other areas such as hallways and labs, mask-wearing will be optional for all.


In an effort to continue to improve the CIL Graduation Ceremonies, the Staff and Faculty are exploring the idea of making graduation a more significant event for the graduates. The plans include investing in a larger area at the Sheraton Brookhollow Hotel whereby more family, friends, and guests can participate as well as augmenting the graduation ceremony venue. Our buffet at CIL will also include additional menus and pastries. The plan also includes three (3) graduation ceremonies per year. Thus, for the year 2022, we will have the next two graduations on July 29th and December 16th whereby students can begin planning to invite family and friends that may need to arrange travel…more details will come from the Director of Education.


As you all may be aware, we have a very robust International Alliances program at CIL. We have many international students representing countries from all over the world and continue to look for new opportunities in that space. This year alone, we began to establish partnerships with other culinary arts colleges in France, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia, which was here touring our campus last Monday, March 7th. Our partnerships include articulation agreements that open opportunities for both CIL and our partners to exchange students to study abroad and/or conduct their practicums and academic voyages.

We welcome your questions and encourage you to speak with your academic leadership, instructors, and staff familiar with these updates. We also hope that you are excited as we are about this new offering and look forward to the academic journey with you.

Dr. Arturo Cervantes

College Director/COO

Culinary Insittute Lenorte

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