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January 2023 Newsletter

CIL Family,

As we go into 2023, it’s a time to reflect on what matters most to you. From dreaming big to refreshing your professional and personal goals. Make this year your best one yet!

An organization’s most valuable asset is its people. People like yourselves are in search of professional advancement to provide for their families. It will be leaders who empower others that will catapult you to reach these goals. I will be asking you for a high level of commitment to help us reach the next level of success but will be there to empower and support you.

We begin our January Term with some new staff and faculty that will enrich our leadership team and contribute to the ongoing growth of the college with a sustained focus on excellent student outcomes and experience.

Please help me welcome:

Ms. Natasha Holden has joined CIL as our new Program Director for HRM/Academics

Chef Rebecca Alarcon joined CIL as a Chef Instructor in the Culinary Arts Program

Chef Jean Moysan has joined CIL as a Chef Instructor in the Culinary Arts Program.

Chef Trenica Ashley has joined CIL as a Chef Instructor in the Culinary Arts Program.

Jocelyn Tobar has been promoted to Career Services Director.

Also, help me congratulate our latest promotion:

Jocelyn Tobar new Director of Career Services

Charelle Grant new Director of Student Services

A farewell to Katoshia Merriett as she leaves her position in Career Services to continue with her career. We wish her well and success in her new journey.

We begin 2023 with excellent metrics in the Placement Category of our compliance with the commissions. These metrics are a result of two years of sustained work in meeting the TWC Benchmarks for Placement in 2021 – 2022:

Note that while ACCSC’s Benchmarks have a minimum of 70%, the outcomes also exceed and are in compliance with ACCSC Benchmarks.

I am also very pleased to inform you that CIL has opened a new department specifically to support students named Student Services. Leading that department as our new Director of Student Services is Charelle Grant. Ms. Grant will be focused on the following areas:

We will have further details on soon. Look for a new tab for Student Services.

Dr. Arturo Cervantes

College Director/COO

Culinary Insittute Lenorte


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