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Camp Airy & Louise - Kitchen Manager

Title: Kitchen Manager

State: Maryland

Job description/responsibilities:

Camp Louise / Cascade, MD

The Kitchen Manager (KM) reports to the Food Service Manager, as well as to the camp Assistant Director and Director.

The Kitchen Manager plans and oversees preparation of delicious, well-balanced menus for meals and snacks. They will also take into consideration programming, dietary needs, allergies and special requests.

The Kitchen Manager works as a team alongside the Dining Hall Manager (DHM) and Inventory Supervisor as well as being their team supervisor.

The Kitchen Manager will be expected to show leadership through communication, creativity, availability and flexibility with a problem-solving approach and a “jump in where I'm needed” mindset.

Supplies and Food Purchasing

- Timely and adequate purchasing of all food and supplies.

- Overseeing the Inventory Supervisor (receiving, storage, and FIFO).

- Submitting invoices to the purchasing company.

- Ensuring all orders requested are processed and submitted with correct PO (cookery, outdoors, special events, etc.)

Food Production

- Production planning and delegation of daily tasks.

- Timely production of meals, timely prep work for daily production.

- Oversee the quality and taste of the food prepared.

- Communicate serving portions with DHM and team.

- Communicate with the DHM line refill needs during meals, food waste and adjust production accordingly.

- Use production sheets to accurately project for quantity and quality produced for each meal (serving over 400 campers and 200 staff).

- Plan, supervise and execute dining hall event needs (4th meal, birthdays, 4th of July, etc.)

- Plan, supervise and execute any food service needs outside of the dining hall (special events, programming, turnover meals, etc.).

- Plan, supervise and execute dietary foods production with dietary cook.

- Plan, supervise and execute Grab & Go meals.

- Plan, supervise and execute pack outs, coordinate food needs and pick-up times with relevant lead.

- Verify any packed scheduled pick-up meals are done (security guards, Health Center, etc).

Training and Supervising

- Lead and direct the kitchen team (15-20 people), including international staff (English is not their native language).

- Ensure that the kitchen team has the most accurate and up-to-date menus and counts at all time and communicates all changes. Menu is visible on big white board, is clear, and the team knows how to read it, differentiate BOH (back of house) from FOH (front of house) items.

- Communicate recipes / cooking instructions / presentation with the team.

- Work alongside the DHM to ensure every meal is executed as expected.

- Encourage a professional team rapport and cultivate a positive team spirit in the kitchen

- Continually train and improve the quality of the kitchen staff and food production.

- Communicate clear expectations in the workspace


- Menu planning, update and make adjustments as supplies arrive / are short.

- Receive updates from the Director / Assistant Director about changes to counts and adjust production accordingly – due to programming, including trips and other special activities.

- Compile, update and save production sheets based on actual consumption.

- Ensure all invoices are scanned, filed and sent to H&H for payment.

- Create work schedules, work hours and coordinate days off and collecting schedules from the Inventory Supervisor and DHM.

- Communication with various individuals for planning procedures (Directors, Department Heads, Division Heads, Unit Leaders, programming, H&H, Logistics - Mike, maintenance - Kip, M.S. Johnston, Hobart etc.).

Cleaning, Sanitation and Safety

- Adherence to State of Maryland Health Department and American Camp Association Standards.

- Kitchen and other work spaces are maintained in a clean and sanitary condition

● Plan and oversee day-to-day cleaning (stations, cooking utensils and equipment, floors, etc.)

● Plan and oversee periodic cleaning systems (specific equipment, walls, etc.)

- Enforce and follow all safety regulations, reporting injuries or any unsafe conditions and work practices to the Food Service Manager or Assistant Director/Director.

- Ensure that all temperature logs are completed daily by the inventory team.

- Maintain ServSafe Food Safety Manager Certification.

- Plan, lead and take part in cleaning procedures (opening, closing, daily trash, turnover break, etc.).

● Defer to opening procedures and closing checklists for detailed lists.

Physical Requirements

- Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions.

- Able to use mathematics to add, subtract, multiply and divide and do calculations involving fractions, decimals and percentages.

- Must be able to do light work, exerting up to 50 lbs. occasionally, performing such activities as climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, standing, pulling, walking, pushing, lifting, etc.

- Ability to stand for long periods throughout the day.

- Ability to communicate via email / text / phone.


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