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Arnaud Acaries

Arnaud Acaries, from France, 34 years old graduated from Lenotre school in 2018.

After school, he had the opportunity to be the pastry chef of a beautiful upscale French restaurant.

Then he opened his own coffee shop with his wife: Bonjour Café.

Bonjour Café is a French café bakery.

The concept is to cook and bake everything from scratch. We do breakfast, lunch brunch, cake, pastries and catering, it’s been 2 years now that we are open, the Covid-19 ha

d a big impact on us like for everyone but with the help of our community we are blessed to still be open. We are beyond overwhelmed when our clients say, “our food transports them to France”.

Like my wife always says about Bonjour Café: “a little piece of France in a heavenly bite!”; This is who we are.


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