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Jesse Garcia-Cutler

was born October 22, 1998 in Clear Lake, Texas. He was technically the youngest of 3 if you count 2 minutes as an age gap. He grew up in a multi-cultural household, though most of that was wiped when his parents separated.

When he was a kid, he used to watch shows like “Good Eats” by Alton Brown and cook with his dad. He used to flip through the pages of his dad’s recipe book, wondering about how to make them, but never actually having the courage to try. He only briefly remembers taking a cake class as part of a summer camp thing once and never thought about it too much.

As he grew older, he followed one of his friends into orchestra and played cello for 10 years, even going to college to pursue a degree in Music Education. Through the suggestion of one of his cousins, he took community college first. He wouldn’t know it, but when he walked into class that day he didn’t know he was meeting his future spouse. They got married a year later in 2019. Just when he had switched his major to just education after falling out of love with music, the pandemic had hit. It took him for a whirl, and like so many others, he reconsidered what he liked to do. He knew that when they first met, he and his spouse really liked cooking together. He was just introduced to Harry Potter after being essentially barred from reading or seeing it growing up, and was inspired by one of the sweets from the movie. He looked up the recipe and tried it out. They didn’t quite turned out like they were pictured, but his family ate them up. Then they said something that really made him think. “Why don’t you make sweets for a living?” After that, he decided to give pastry a shot. Fate seemed very friendly that day because he was enrolled and took his first classes that October.

When he was in level 2, times got rough and very quickly after that, he somehow ended up working for the pastry department as a work study. He worked there up until recently when the work study program ended. His aspirations are to learn everything he can about pastry, cuisine, and maybe gardening and bee keeping.

Today he happily revisits Hispanic recipes to connect back with his roots, but with a fresh lens and taste for creativity. He prefers to work animals and the natural world into his work. He might open a bakery or a café, but isn’t really too sure yet.


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