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April 2022 Newsletter

Et al.,

I hope you had a great long break. You have earned it!

With this letter, I would like to continue keeping you informed of all the initiatives we are working on. However, all these initiatives would not be possible without the great staff we have supporting us and students in staying on course towards their academic goals.


At the offset of this term, we had two new chefs join the CIL and I would like to introduce them to you.

In the Culinary Arts Program, Chef Alan Frederick joined the department as a chef instructor. Chef Alan has over 25 years of culinary arts experience and is very passionate and enthusiastic about delivering a great instruction model to help our students succeed. Chef Alan comes from a long list of experiences in his field as an executive chef in large settings including locations such as Agusta Georgia, Las Vegas Nevada, New Brunswick, New Jersey, and Le Poussin at Park Hill Bray.

In the Baking and Pastry Arts Program, Chef Samantha Thompson joined the department as a chef instructor. Chef Samantha has 14 years of baking and pastry arts experience and is very focused and diligent in teaching technical skills to our students and supporting their academic achievement goals. Chef Samantha’s industry experience includes responsibilities as an executive chef and has exceptional knowledge of food products, baking equipment, and techniques.

CIL Welcomes these two fine chef instructors to our family!

At the same time, we give our farewells to Maria Salinas after having worked at CIL for over 2 years as a Steward. We wish her the best on her new journey.


As we continue our efforts for new articulation agreements with other countries, we are also looking at housing opportunities for our international students. As a long-term solution, we are researching the feasibility of building dormitories. However, until we have them, we are looking at other options including participating hotel chains as well as hosting families for international students.


We will be sending a student survey to get your thoughts and support. We encourage you to participate as it will be a large determining factor in our decision.

Dr. Arturo Cervantes

College Director & Chief Operating Officer

Culinary Institute Lenotre

Dr. Arturo Cervantes

College Director/COO

Culinary Insittute Lenorte


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