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Alumni Mixer - June 2023

Alumni from the prestigious Culinary Institute LENOTRE (CIL) gathered at St. Arnold's Brewery for a memorable evening of reconnecting and reminiscing. The event brought together former classmates, rekindling old friendships and creating new connections.

St. Arnold's Brewery provided the perfect backdrop for the event, allowing alumni to enjoy the ambiance and unique offerings of the venue.

In addition to the lively conversations, the alumni mixer also featured an exciting raffle for door prizes. Attendees eagerly participated, hoping to win one of the coveted prizes. The raffle added an element of anticipation and excitement to the already vibrant atmosphere.

The event was a resounding success, leaving attendees with a renewed sense of gratitude for the lasting impact that CIL had on their lives. It was an evening that celebrated the power of connections and the strength of the CIL community.


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