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Leaf & Grain - 77007

TITLE: Vice President of Strategy and Human Resources

ZIP CODE: 77007 Part-time


Do you have a passion for creating healthy and innovative culinary delights? Leaf & Grain, a Houston-based salad and grain bowl restaurant, is seeking a talented culinary student to assist us in developing two exciting new menu items on a project basis. You will play a crucial role in helping us expand our menu offerings with a focus on two distinct concepts: Immunity & Health-Focused Bowl: Craft a salad or grain bowl that embodies wellness, using fresh, wholesome ingredients. Asian-Inspired Bowl: Explore the flavors and ingredients of Asian cuisine to design a unique and authentic salad or grain bowl.


- Develop and test recipes for the specified menu items.

- Collaborate with our management and culinary team to refine the dishes to the Leaf & Grain standard.

- Currently enrolled in a culinary program

- Demonstrated culinary expertise and passion for diverse culinary styles, ingredients, and techniques


- Hourly rate: $35/hr (with a cap on the number of hours spent)

- Additional bonus (over 100% of the money from hours spent) if an item successfully makes it onto the restaurant’s menu

- Valuable experience in menu development and culinary innovation.

Please send your resume to to be matched.

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