Keith Malone


AAS In Culinary Arts - Specialty International Cuisine

Graduate 2010

In 2008 I ran screaming from the corporate world to pursue a passion for cooking and food.  I had a very rewarding culinary experience while attending CIL, I learned a great deal not only about food and preparation but the detailed and very in depth knowledge required to start and run a successful business.  Shortly after passing level 3 cuisine and continuing my academic classes I single-handedly purchased and ran a small deli bistro - Malone's Deli.   After graduation I continued to expand Malone's Deli to include a successful catering business.  Well into my 6th year I partnered with an investor and opened two more restaurants.  My catering clients beckoned for me to continue my catering so I sold the restaurants and started 2 Chefs Catering.  Currently 2 Chefs Catering has and extensive clientele varying from simple breakfast to high end members only wine clubs to complete service weddings and everything in between.  I am blessed not be tied to a single vision and have the time and ability to research, prepare, and create many types of meals from all cuisines and regions.

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