Wilson McKnight

Vice President

AAS in Culinary Arts – Specialty Caribbean Cuisine


Graduate 2019


Born in Miami, FL, Wilson McKnight is a part of a large family with 9 siblings. After High School I decided to join the U.S. Army where I served honorably for 8 years and climb the ranks to Sergeant. After completing my contract I ventured back into the civilian life not knowing what I wanted to do, so I began to go to school. I am equipped with certifications in HVAC, Class A driver’s license, CAN, Phlebotomy, and EKG Certifications. It wasn’t until 2018 when I realized that cooking was my passion, which stemmed from sitting in the kitchen as a child watching my mother create happiness. I started attending CIL while operating my very own catering company Tropical House Caribbean Cuisine and Catering. Upon completing schooling, I was hired by CIL as The High School / Outreach coordinator, where I continue to do what I love while sharing it with others who love it as well.