Willie Mike


Celebrity Chef Willie Mike is a native Houstonian. A good ole southern boy, professional musician, and America's sweetheart which comes from his time on Fox's hit cooking show Master Chef. Willie's unique flavor combination, talent, and skill landed him in the top 7. Willie's BOLD take on life comes from his family   ( mother and grandma especially) which shows through his food and of course his unique fashion choices. As you can see Willie is unapologetic and is willing to push boundaries. In 2013 started a baking company "tasteful sins" and in 2014 he revamped it to "Willie Mike Events and Entertainment". Where you can find EVERYTHING BOLD. What is BOLD?  Being Original Loud Daring.  With all this success, exposure, and drive. Willie felt something was still missing. So, in 2018 Willie decided to go to Culinary Institute Lenotre and get his degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management. Willie graduated in March 2020 and has plans on going higher. Plans of a product line is in the future and a restaurant bringing his take on southern food to the masses.