Crumbl Cookies – Houston

Job Title: Baker Associates

General Information

  • We search for skilled, creative bakers who strive to provide high-quality baked goods and services in an efficient, professional manner.

  • The Baker understands recipes, performs quality checks on ingredients and finished products, uses frostings, glazes, fillings, and other toppings to enhance item presentation, and processes customer orders.

  • As a baker, you will greet customers, answer questions, clean workstations and equipment, make sure the kitchen is stocked, and perform other duties as needed.

  • To be a successful baker, you should be efficient, friendly, focused on food quality and customer satisfaction, decisive, attentive, and have a strong understanding of baking techniques.

  • 10 full-time positions available

Baker Responsibilities

  • Read and understand Crumbl recipes.

  • Measure and combine ingredients using mixers, blenders, heat sources, and other equipment to make cookies.

  • Decorating and displaying the finished product.

  • Testing ingredients and finished goods to ensure that each item meets food safety and quality controls.

  • Greeting customers, answering questions, making recommendations, accepting orders and payment, and providing exceptional customer service

  • Keeping records relating to deliveries, inventory, and production levels.

  • Taking client information and ensuring that deliveries are accurate and timely.

  • Cleaning and restocking the workstation and ensuring all equipment is sanitized and prepared for the next shift #operations #warmwelcome #customerservice #cookiequality

Job requirements:

  • Strong communication, time and resource management, and planning skills.

  • Attention to detail, especially when performing quality inspections on ingredients and products.

  • Basic math and computer skills

  • Willingness to work independently or with other team members to solve problems, plan schedules, fulfill orders, and create excellent baked goods.

  • Flexibility to work around customer demands, including early morning, night, weekend, and holiday availability.

  • Ability to work in a hot, hectic environment.

  • Stand, walk, bend, use hands, and appliances, and lift heavy items for extended periods.

Additional information:

  • Hired interns will complete a 60-day paid internship.

  • Uniforms will be provided.

  • Housing will be provided on Champion Ranch, therefore transportation to/from work will be unnecessary.

  • Interns may leave the ranch while off-duty, but transportation will be their own responsibility.

Please send your resume to to be matched.