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Coco's Donuts & Coffee Bar - 77076

Title: Pastry Chef

Zip: 77076

Pay: $14.00


  • Operate and manage the pastry section of a kitchen, working together with the other chefs

  • Prepare a variety of baked goods

  • Decorate and present pastries and baked goods in a tasteful and beautiful way

  • Monitor and order ingredients, supplies, and equipment

  • Meet with customers to discuss custom-made desserts or baked goods for special occasions

  • Ensure the bakery section of the kitchen adheres to health and safety regulations

  • Identify staffing needs, help to recruit new personnel, and train them

  • Develop new seasonal recipes and menus and keep up with the latest trends


  • Available to work in the early morning and on weekends.

Will not be open til early/mid September.

Please send your resume to to be matched.

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