Celebrating our outstanding students

CIL would like to honor our stellar students from last term.

Jacob Ruesch

AAS in Culinary Arts

3.86 GPA

Perfect Attendance

Recognized for his strong determination to succeed. He is an excellent communicator, and always stays on top of his class assignments. Jacob has faced many obstacles throughout his time at CIL and has persevered.

Jessica Toelle

AAS in Baking & Pastry Arts

4.0 GPA

Perfect Attendance

Recognized for being a student leader, dependable teammate, and having excellent time management skills. She is bright, enthusiastic, creative and personable. Always ahead of schedule in the face of adversity.

Melissa Ortega

AAS in Hospitality & Restaurant Management

4.0 GPA

Perfect Attendance

2012 Alumni

Recognized for being a community leader at school. She shows pride in her work, and leads by example. Works long hours and manages to be the first in class, clean all the desks, and always wears a mask!