Refer a student and get $500 off his/her tuition

Alumni Ambassador Circle Referral Scholarship

You are an Alumni - Refer a student

1- Find a student you want to help on the Alumni platform or by contacting Elsa Piña

2- Write him/her a referral letter

3- Let the student apply for the scholarship!

You are a Prospective Student - Apply for the scholarship
All applicants must provide the following:

1- A letter of referral from a CIL Alumni

2- 200-word personal essay describing why you want to attend CIL

3- Copy of the applicant ID

The award amount for this scholarship is $500.00
Only one Alumni Ambassador Circle Referral Scholarship per student
Must graduate to get the scholarship off the tuition
For more information about the in-house scholarships, please contact
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Elsa Piña
Financial Aid Manager

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