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6th Annual Fall Fest

6th Annual Fall Fest

Fall Festival
14350 Wallisville Rd, Houston, TX 77049, USA

Start Time
10/22/2017 3:11 pm
End Time
10/22/2017 3:11 pm
5$ - 10$

October 22, 2017 

Part food festival, part music festival, CTC's "Fall Fest" is an excellent opportunity to bring a taste of Chicago to Houston area residents. 

This one-day, Chicago, cultural festival features several food vendors (including Chicago natives who now run successful food businesses here in the Houston metro area) who offer Chicago culinary classics including: rib tips, chicken wings with mild sauce, and pizza to name only a few. Additionally, the event features DJs who will spin a variety of music types including: House music which is an internationally known style of music born in Chicago which gave birth to techno and EDM

Also, the event hosts a dance lounge where attendees can learn Stepping which is a nationally known dance style born in Chicago and similar to this area's two-step and swing out dance styles. We invite you to experience "Chicago for a Day". 

Event entry tickets for ages 14 & up are only $5 advanced, $10 at the gate. It is FREE for attendees age 13 and under. Now in its 6th year, "Fall Fest" 2017 promises to provide great fun and excitement for its attendees.

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