Get your CIL Email

Activate your Culinary Institute LeNôtre email and take advantage of student discount from companies like Best Buy, Mac and Microsoft, just to name a few. Check out for a much larger list.

Here’s how to login:

• Go to

• Enter your email address
- Your email address will be first initial, last name, and last 3 digits of your student I.D.
For example,
- Student ID: Your instructor will be able to give you your student ID number
• Your default password will be Culinary01. Gmail will prompt you to change your password which must be at least 8 characters long.

All students will be able to use the or

* This email is linked to an ‘edu’ address. When the company asks for your email address, instead of putting @ciaml. com, put and you can get started on enjoying the student discounts.

 If you have any issues
logging in or have any questions, please contact I.T. at

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