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“Bonjour, Bienvenue, Bon Appetit”

Cuisine is a feast. There is pleasure, art and magic in cooking and baking. Pleasure first, in reading a good recipe, then in preparing it, tasting it, and serving it. And pleasure is even greater when it is shared. And what better way than of a cooking school to share the pleasure of cooking?
The story of Culinary Institute LeNôtre began in Houston in 1998, when my wife Marie and I decided to start what would be the adventure of our Life. We designed Culinary Institute LeNôtre to welcome beginners of every age and background, as well as professionals of all levels, looking to enhance their skills and resumes. Through hands-on, low student/teacher ratio courses, our ‘chef-students’ would learn a maximum number of recipes and “tours de main” (feats of skill) in a minimum amount of time.
Since 1998, our faculty and staff have worked continuously to evolve the curriculum and expand the facilities. We now have 2 buildings, and occupy 6 floors, including our restaurant, Le Bistro, where professional culinary arts students gain real-world experience.
We are proud of who we are and we want to remain faithful to our Mission Statement from the early years. If you have a culinary project in mind or simply are curious, come visit us. We will be happy to show you around and perhaps help you make your Passion your Profession.

Chef’s hat on, let the feast begin!

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